Gunman's Morsel

Date of Birth:
One of the best Gunman sons in the breed today! Gunman's Morsel (we call him Rusty) might be the most uniquely colored Herd Sire in the breed today. It is hard to find the loud, tri colored brindle that Rusty has. His huge frame size and muscling have him pushing the scale at 2,000 pounds! His tip to tip horn measurement is in the mid sixties inches. He packs a powerful pedigree, as well. As a son of the late, great Gunman he has G-Man, Sizzle, Senator and Colorado Cowboy on the top. Combine that with Impressive, Classic, and Colorado Cowboy on the bottom. When you add all of these traits up we feel that it is hard to find a more complete Herd Sire than Rusty.